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Brian Aldiss RIP
August 21, 2017
Britain’s best Science Fiction Author dies I am sorry to hear today that Brian Aldiss has died. My thoughts go out to his family. His books have given me great pleasure over the years right up until the current day (one of his books usually features on my reading review of the year). Aldiss was […]

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Welcome to the Excelsior blog. It is a mix of current research and thoughts on Athlete and Coach Development, Strength and Conditioning and personal reflections.

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James Marshall

  1. Dr Mike Joyner “Sport Science: Servant or Master?”

    “Don’t get distracted by the latest and greatest” Said Dr Mike Joyner at the head of his 2nd seminar at GAIN. His talk covered four key questions we need to ask before implementing a new scientific find in our training, as well as interesting insights that he has found useful. In a discussion the evening […]

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  2. Steve Magness on the Volume Trap

    “How many miles should I run”? Is the question that endurance coach Steve Magness gets asked the most when presenting at workshops.  His seminar at this year’s GAIN covered volume and other training parameters which apply to many different sports. “There is no difference between 99 miles and 100 miles, but people want to get […]

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  3. Steve Myrland: “Coaching better every day”

    “I thought I was a good coach because I had a good job” said Steve Myrland in the opening part of his presentation at GAIN. “By that logic if we put on snowshoes and walk outside it will start snowing”! This very experienced and enlightened coach gave his thoughts on creating meaningful athletic development rather […]

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  4. 7 Sports Science Myths: Dr Michael Joyner (Mayo clinic)

    GAIN reflections Dr Mike Joyner is a faculty member of the Mayo clinic specialising in human performance physiology. I met him early on the Wednesday morning when he was attempting to roll around on the floor and get up despite his very long levers.  What impressed me was his effort and concentration in attempting a […]

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  5. GAIN 2017: Coaching reflections

    I recently spent 5 days in Houston, Texas at Vern Gambetta’s GAIN conference. In this post, and those to follow, I shall attempt to share some of the main ideas and reflections gained whilst there. This should be of interest to fellow coaches and some to parents of athletes too. Opening address and overview by […]

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  6. Summer Reading for Sports Coaches

    Book recommendations for sports coaches Summer is here and I have just returned from the GAIN conference in Houston where fellow sports coaches and bibliophiles shared book ideas and recommendations. Here are some of mine from this year, plus a full list of what I have read with a brief summary. Best coaching book I […]

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  7. Does sleep affect sporting performance?

    A recent BBC article highlighted the variations in sporting performance for individuals at different times of the day (1). These differences are down to biological processes which change throughout the day.

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  8. Coaching book reviews

    Book Reviews Whenever I work with other coaches and discuss how they develop their own practice, reading books is always high as a favourite.  Unfortunately, a lot of them seem to be “sciencey” such as Syed’s bounce, but actually add to misinformation, rather than informing our practice Here are a few that I have read […]

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Judith Hamer – GB Wheelchair Basketball, Paralympian
I have worked with James for three years now. James's attitude to training has changed my approach to my training session and sport making me more focussed and organised to get as much as I can out of each session. The improvements I have made with my fitness, core and my psychological approach to training have been largely down to my sessions with James

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Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course – Horsham. 14th -15th October 2017 Venue: Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, W. Sussex, RH13 0LA. Assessment Day: Sunday 3rd December 2017. Cost: £280 including materials and access to online resources. To book send a deposit of £100 here. The deposit is non refundable.  Once the full balance has been paid and your place […]