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Why Lego is a symbol of lack of sporting creativity
April 25, 2017
Lego and sports clubs have become sterile environments Lego sets used to stimulate children’s (and their parent’s) imaginations. In the 1970s the goal of Lego was to use imagination and explore as you can see in the letter on the right. Now, Lego blocks are almost always sold as part of some marketing tie- in […]

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Welcome to the Excelsior blog. It is a mix of current research and thoughts on Athlete and Coach Development, Strength and Conditioning and personal reflections.

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James Marshall

  1. 7 Things I Learnt In 2016

    Reflective practice I try to learn more than 7 things a week, let alone a whole year, but part of reflective practice is being disciplined and accountable. Limiting myself to listing the 7 things in a year helps focus my mind and stop readers from being bored. Speaking on the phone to Mark Sheppard yesterday […]

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  2. 5 ways to keep your hockey team fit all season

    “The best way to stay in shape is not to get out of shape”

    Jim Radcliffe.

    As coaches we are here to help our athletes improve their skills and enable them to play as much as possible. Keeping players fit for the whole season can be a hard task and we often have to deal with injuries throughout the season.

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  3. Drugs in sport

    Drugs in sport A digest sent and shared by Dave Ellis of fueling tactics.  (We will be doing an online Sports Nutrition Q&A with Dave in the first week of January 2017). This was complied before the Olympics Drug Testing fiasco. Drugs in sport are endemic, it is naive to think otherwise. Drugs Pervade Sport […]

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  4. Bite Size Agility

    agility for goalkeepersI am trying to make agility workouts more frequent, more specific and a lot shorter in duration than has previously been done for the athletes I work with.

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  5. “What are the best vegetables to eat?”

    Powerhouse your diet with the best fruit and veg

    the best fruit to eat for sportA new study1 has identified 41 “Powerhouse” Fruit and Vegetables which can significantly improve health. These nutrient dense foods have been found to be the most effective in reducing chronic disease.

    Here is a review of the main findings of the research, as well as some practical guidance for getting the most out of your nutrition:

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  6. Why disengaged girls hate school sport

    I have recently been asked to help coach “disengaged” girls in school p.e. I am doing weightlifting at one school, gymnastics at another. Funding is available to help these girls as they are unenthusiastic about “traditional p.e.” My experience coaching them is different from what I was told to expect. What is “traditional p.e.”? I […]

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  7. How to increase golf club speed

    I was speaking to Stuart (a golf coach I work with) about using the CNS to make athletes faster. He said he couldn’t see the application for golf, because club speed is developed by sequencing a series of linking actions together. 

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  8. Diabetes and Exercise: What the experts say.

    How Diabetes affects athletes

    Can I say how delighted I was to hear that Fran Low firstly has undertaken to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats and secondly, that she is raising money for Diabetes UK (DUK) -the charity for people living with diabetes? Thank you.

    As a mum of an aspiring athlete (rugby union) and a Doctor looking after people with diabetes, I spend a lot of time thinking about training, keeping fit, preventing diabetes as well as treating it.

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  9. Athletic Development Club Update November 2016

    Skipton Grassroots Giving Winners! Thanks to everyone who voted for our club in the Skipton Grassroots Giving Campaign. We were one of 700 clubs shortlisted, and thanks to your votes we were one of the 163 organisations that will receive £500. Read on to see how we are spending your fundraising efforts and what is […]

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  10. Coaching Philosophy: Book Reviews

    When delivering strength and conditioning coaching courses, we always discuss coaching philosophy and how to develop a club culture. Two books I have read this year have helped with this process, both by NFL coaches.  Here is a brief review of both. Win Forever by Pete Carroll (recommended by Mike Bahn) A frank and revealing […]

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South WestFencing Hub
Working with James has been a pleasure and education for all of the fencers and coaches, from beginner fencers and trainee fencers, up to international fencers and coaches with decades of experience. We really appreciate James' desire to challenge assumptions but simultaneously his ability to listen to both fencers and coaches on technical and tactical points. He manages to keep his sessions fresh and innovative without losing sight of our central goals. His sessions are challenging and fun and his attention detail is a tribute to his professionalism. Thank you.

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Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course Oxfordshire – **JUST 2 PLACES LEFT**
06 May 2017

Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course Oxfordshire. 6th- 7th May 2017  Assessment Day: 4th June 2017. Venue: Carterton Community College, Upavon Way, Carterton OX18 1BU Please register your interest with Carly Cost: £280 including materials and access to online resources. To book send a deposit of £100 here. The deposit is non refundable.  Once the full balance has been […]