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History of Educational Gymnastics in British schools
February 13, 2018
Educational Gymnastics in Britain A popular conception of gymnastics today is of young girls in sparkly leotards with hair kept up in tightly bound buns.  This is a relatively new concept, with gymnastics originally being an all-male outdoor pursuit. Gymnastics has originated from several different sources, but all had the underlying principle of healthy movement. […]

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james marshall strength coachThank you very much for thinking about joining the Excelsior Sports Training System. It is very simple and easy to join.

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speed trainingYour first 4 weeks “Building the Foundation” will look like this

  • Week 1; Getting started, video clips and 3 handouts on self assessment.
  • Week 2: How to warm up purposefully and safely; 2 video clips plus a handout.
  • Week 3: Planning: how to schedule your week. 2 video clips, 2 worksheets.
  • Week 4: Getting strong from the core: 2 video clips, 2 handouts.

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Blundells School
James has a huge breath and depth of knowledge on fitness issues. He is able to implement this knowledge into a practical course both making the task of fitness and conditioning both different and interesting from other fitness training that most are familiar with. He understands the safety issues when dealing with young adults strength and conditioning programmes. Programmes he sets are tailored to the individual needs of the group. There was a huge amount of progress made with some of these individuals in terms of their understanding of fitness and their own fitness levels.

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Teenage movement seminar: Willand
10 Apr 2018

Your future success starts here Are you an active teenager who wants to get a bit fitter? Feel like you get overlooked by school teams? Do you want to learn how to become more agile and faster? Do you want specific advice on how you can balance study and becoming more active? Do you want […]