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Fitness training for Field Hockey: Part 2
May 24, 2017
When looking to improve speed and agility we first need to look at what areas contribute towards them. Other than technique which is essential we can also work on:force production movement efficiency decision making

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speed trainingYour first 4 weeks “Building the Foundation” will look like this

  • Week 1; Getting started, video clips and 3 handouts on self assessment.
  • Week 2: How to warm up purposefully and safely; 2 video clips plus a handout.
  • Week 3: Planning: how to schedule your week. 2 video clips, 2 worksheets.
  • Week 4: Getting strong from the core: 2 video clips, 2 handouts.

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Bath University
"James worked with the Exeter and Taunton based Southwest Talent Centre scholarship athletes. He is deeply knowledgeable about strength and conditioning and has excelled at working with young athletes. His sessions are challenging and fun and he has succeeded in blending a group of athletes from a diverse range of sports into a cohesive training group.

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Athletic Development CPD workshop
25 Jun 2017

Athletic Development CPD workshop Exclusive CPD opportunity for sports coaches, physiotherapists and p.e. teachers who have attended one of our previous courses. Following feedback from attendees of our recent courses, we have designed this workshop to help you implement practices the next day at your club or school. The workshop will be mostly practical with an […]