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IFAC Reflections Part 2
January 22, 2019
A review of Jerome Simian’s workshops on physical preparation for sport. I had to choose between different “strands” of coaching topics at the IFAC conference in Loughborough. A difficult choice, not wanting to miss out on some excellent speakers. I chose to attend Simian’s because of a quote I heard on the HMMR podcast: “I […]

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Making athletes robust


athlete robustness (r-bst, rbst)


1. Full of health and strength; vigorous.
2. Powerfully built; sturdy.
3. Requiring or suited to physical strength or endurance: robust labour.
4. Rough or crude; boisterous: a robust tale.
5. Marked by richness and fullness; full-bodied: a robust wine.

[Latin rbustus, from rbur, rbus, oak, strength; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]

ro·bustly adv.
ro·bustness n.

Robust is a word I use a lot in working with young athletes– giving an idea of a goal to work towards in the short term before we develop them further. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t know what it means!
Naseem Taleb in his book antifragile discounts robust and resilient because they just maintain the status quo. Instead “antifragile” means you actually develop and improve as a result of stress.
robust athletes
England Hockey talk about “robustness training” but then send their players on endless jogs around the pitch, then having them endure 6 hours of low level “busy work” on camps.
I work on an integrated approach, developing young players progressively, starting with a movement asessment, then intofundamental work, and finally into the full training programme.


  1. […] as we saw last week, we are looking to make you more robust. This will allow you to do those movements Faster, Further or with […]

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Middlesex LTA
James has been training the top performance players in the county and has proved a great success. The sessions are well organised and the feedback and the programmes given to the players are excellent.

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