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Fitness training for Field Hockey: Part 2
May 24, 2017
When looking to improve speed and agility we first need to look at what areas contribute towards them. Other than technique which is essential we can also work on:force production movement efficiency decision making

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Welcome to the Excelsior blog. It is a mix of current research and thoughts on Athlete and Coach Development, Strength and Conditioning and personal reflections.

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James Marshall

  1. Fitness training for Field Hockey: Part 2

    When looking to improve speed and agility we first need to look at what areas contribute towards them. Other than technique which is essential we can also work on:

    force production
    movement efficiency
    decision making

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  2. Fitness training for Field Hockey: Part 1

    Hockey can be classed as a Transition game sport, it requires efforts of varied intensity that occur randomly with varied rest periods. The game is 70 minutes in duration consisting of two 35 minute halves with 5 minute half time. A squad consists of 16 players, 11 are on the pitch at any one time in a variety of formations.

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  3. Structural Integrity

    How do I start training?

    how to start fitness trainingIn the rush to get results fast and take shortcuts, or to “get to the interesting stuff” young athletes get broken.

    One thing I have been working on over the last two years is improving the structural integrity of the athlete, before moving onto other areas of fitness.

    Structural Integrity is composed of  4 key components:

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  4. Speed Training for Gymnasts

    How to get to the Vault or Double Mini Trampoline quicker

    gymnast vault run upIn order to generate a bigger jump, gymnasts need a faster approach to the Vault or Double Mini Trampoline (DMT).

    This involves them running for about 20-30m and then jumping onto a springboard or the DMT.

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  5. Olympic Weight lifting Tips

    Learning from a WeightLifter

    I have been performing the Olympic lifts since the age of 11. My coach at the time kept it simple, didn’t over complicate the movement and allowed for errors early on. 

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  6. Why Lego is a symbol of lack of sporting creativity

    Lego and sports clubs have become sterile environments Lego sets used to stimulate children’s (and their parent’s) imaginations. In the 1970s the goal of Lego was to use imagination and explore as you can see in the letter on the right. Now, Lego blocks are almost always sold as part of some marketing tie- in […]

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  7. Excelsior ADC awarded Sport England Grant

    Excelsior ADC awarded £8756 from Sport England I am delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to Sport England’s small grants programme. The money will be used to develop the Weightlifting section of our club. The grant we will be used in 3 main parts: Equipment: we shall be buying Eleiko […]

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  8. Bring back the 80s: Why today’s child is less prepared for sport.

    Childhood obesity on the rise, kids unprepared for sport In the news this week was the worrying fact that children as young as 7 are already becoming less active. The rise in childhood obesity can be seen in Primary schools. This trend can be seen since the 1980s and has an implication for sports coaches […]

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  9. Let your child play sport rather than just compete

    Children need to play more and compete less Children who get injured or burntout may be competing at sport too much and have too little opportunity to just play. These words on shoulder operations by Hall of Fame baseball player John Smoltz ring very true. “I want to encourage the families and parents that are […]

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Scott Rogers: Footballer
I ruptured my ACL back in August 2015 playing football for Tiverton Town FC. Not only have I just returned to play again less than a year later with my knee feeling as good as it did prior to my injury,  but my my body in the whole feels like it was 10 years ago […]

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