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  1. Dumbbells or Machines? Istvan Javorek


    The benefits of dumbbell training by Istvan Javorek

    • Javorek dumbbell complexDumbbell training is generally safe.
    • Does not need a large practice area.
    • Is easy to teach (compared to barbell lifts).
    • Can be done simultaneously and very efficiently with a large number of athletes.
    • Is dynamic with a large range of motion (actually the range of motion is unlimited).
    • A large range of exercise variations.
    • Stimulates (very important in so many sports) the balance mechanisms powerfully (which much machine training does not adequately do)
    • Enables one to develop unlimited muscular power, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flexibility and strength (most machine training develops muscles but not dynamic explosive strength).
    • Is inexpensive to equip a gym with several sets of DBs.
    • Can be very easily monitored with a 100 percent accuracy, because we have an exact number of repetitions, sets, volumes and rhythm of exercising.
    • Enables one to efficiently monitor the heart rate before and after each set, thus providing a very clear view of recovery time and the physical fitness level of the individual athlete.
    • DB exercise variations are unlimited and any experienced coach should be able to figure out many novel variations of DB exercises.

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