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  1. How to gain 25lbs before Draft Day


    How do 240 lb weaklings turn themselves into 300 lbs behemoths?

    gaining weight for the draft

    Skinny football players

    College recruits arrive undersized, a pre disposition to bench press, with poor squats and power.

    They leave absolutely massive, a pre disposition to bench press, with poor squats and power. (The NFL combine loves the bench press, but doesn’t do a squat test, although you could say vertical jump and 40 yard dash assess lower body power.)

    A bit harsh maybe, but height and weight don’t lie. It is the first stat people look at for linemen. Over the 3-4 years of college there is some obvious work done on hypertrophy, with some attention paid to diet and nutrition.

    Some interesting stats can be seen here on the vast sizes that this year’s NFL draft crop gained in their college years. It will be interesting to track who goes on to succeed within the NFL, who sustains injuries, or who just doesn’t make it.

    In the UK, the same happens with rugby players, with parents asking “how can I get little Johnny bigger over the summer” about their 13 year old son.

    My number 1 tip on increasing mass:

    Take the long view. 0.5 kg a month increase in body weight is sustainable and leads to a 30kg (66lb) increase over 5 years. Combine a sensible playing\ training programme, multi directional, full range of movement compound exercises, with a healthy diet. Eat about 250kcal a day more than you expend.

  2. Tradition is the scourge of endeavour

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    A quote taken from Terry Pratchett’s “Unseen Academicals”.

    Think about that.

    Having been in a few environments where tradition has been deemed important, I can empathise with this quote. In fact, the hierachy of “people in charge” who have wanted to remain traditional have stamped on any signs of endeavour.

    This could be in Karate- where bastardised forms of fighting have been put in sequences and ritualised beyond all recognition oif actual fighting.

    It could be in the Armed Forces where drill is actually taken from 19th century combat commands, and ritually practiced. Actual combat and fighting is again different, but it would look a bit weird on a passing out parade for the troops to do some fire and maneuver.

    It could be in agility drills where running over ladders is common practice, but bears no resemblance to sporting activity.

    Recognise what is in place, and why. Tradition has its place, it is nice and warm and fuzzy, like an old jumper, but don’t get hampered by it.

    Bruce Lee had lots to say on this.