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How to develop speed: Gary Winckler
October 2, 2018
“The hamstrings transfer force from the motor of the butt to the wheels of the foot.”Tenets of speed developmentAthletics coach  Gary Winckler  delivered an excellent overview on what he thinks is important on developing speed. A lot of the work is similar to what Frans Bosch did a couple of years ago, and he mentioned Bosch’s work a lot.

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Happy Star Wars Day- Lessons from Darth Vader

Happy Star Wars Day.

darth vaderLast year we mentioned that very experienced coach Yoda.  But what can we learn from Darth Vader?

The three main lessons are:

1:It is never too late to learn from mistakes. 

Just because you have been taken down the Dark Side of Coaching does not mean that you can not change.You may have invested hundreds of hours and pounds in reinforcing certain beliefs, but you can still change. 

Vader was seduced by the Dark Side and led astray by the Emperor Palpatine. It took a certain self sacrifice by Luke Skywalker and faith in his father to help Vader realise that he was wrong. You may have been seduced by the power of the “Workout of the Day”, the “Frontal Plane Lifting Association” or the “Get massive by spending lots on supplements” Sith Lords, but you can still change.

2: There are no shortcuts.

Despite Vader’s advice, the haste and impetuousity of youth will lead to mistakes. “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.” Nope, but also haste will also paper over cracks which will appear later on. Probably at the Athlete’s expense.

3: Nothing is more important than family.

It might be in an employer’s or athlete’s interest to hire people with no family commitments, but that may not lead to a functional society.  Dedicating solely to work, or to sport, without recognition of balance will cause dysfunction.

The fact that you have had no contact with your children for 20 plus years, they kiss each other, you torture one and then chop the hand off the other, does not make you a candidate for “Dad of the Year.”

Any favourite Star Wars quotes relating to coaching are welcome.


  1. […] later went on to fame and fortune as Darth Vader. The objective was to gain some strength & size to aid me in […]

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