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Excelsior ADC Newsletter
March 13, 2019
Excelsior AD Club newsletter March 2019 We have had so much happen in the last month, and exciting things happening in the run up to Easter, it is best to keep them all in one place. So here you go. 6 members complete their Athletic Development Coaching Course Archie, Daisy, Flora, Jakin, Rebecca and Stephanie […]

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Coach like a Jedi, not like a Sith Lord.

Happy Star Wars Day

Sith LordA Jedi gains power through understanding and a Sith gains understanding through power” says Senator Palpatine in Attack of the Clones.

If you want to coach like a Jedi, study hard and for long, learn from your experiences.

I see quite a few young coaches who have graduated from their University courses calling themselves “experts” at 21 years old.

They do an academic based accreditation such as the UKSCA with no Coaching requirement or background and pronounce things like “You must be able to squat twice your body weight.”.

“Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes.” Obi-Wan Kenobi

If you go out into the Coaching world with a closed mind set, looking for short cuts then you will be taken down a false path that could lead to the Dark Side. Part of the problem is coming from an environment where you are judged on saying the right answer all the time.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Darth Vader

If your mentor is a Sith Lord, then you will become their apprentice, not a fully fledged Coach. Ask questions (without being impertinent) and you will learn more.

“You must open your mind to other opinions.” Mace Windu

Coaches need to expose themselves to different envronments and to different types of athletes in order to fully develop.  Get out of the gym and onto the Track\ Court\ Field.

Try different sports, try different physical activities. Read about what previous athletes and coaches have done. Not just what a “pseudo science” journal has to say.

jedi coaching“The more we learn, the more we discover how much we do not know.” Yoda

Yoda had it right. In his 800 years of training Jedi knights, he learnt a thing or two (although not correct syntax).

Have some patience and control, show humility and your athletes will respond better.

Trying to gain knowledge through power is pretty short sighted.

Read last year’s tips from Darth Vader here

Why not improve your Jedi coaching skills today on one of our courses? 


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  3. level1 says:

    James, really enjoyed the level 1 course at the weekend. Yes definitely aching today as predicted.

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Seb Baylis + Tom Baylis
"James Marshall is now managing my two sons' strength and conditioning training for a fourth consecutive year. From the very start, youngsters and parents alike have easily engaged with James' professional approach and personable manner.Now both semi-professional cyclists aged 20 and 18, between them they have achieved numerous successes in the National Junior Series, including two stage wins, a silver medal in the National Championships, and selection for team GB in the Junior World Series.

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