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How to prevent over training in teenagers
February 20, 2019
How to prevent overtraining in young athletesOvertraining is common in young athletes due to the high demand put on them by schools and sports teams. Schools will get talented young athletes to compete in as many sports as possible and these same athletes will also train outside of school for a team they play for in one or more sports.An example week in the life of a young athlete –Monday – P.E., School netball trainingTuesday – School hockey training, Team netball training

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Breaking your New Year’s Resolutions already? 3 Tips to help.

17 days in to the year and you may already be off track. Your good intentions have fallen apart due to work or other commitments. Keep going, here’s what I have found works:

  1. new years resolutions

    1 biscuit at a time

    Avoid the catastrophe. If you set an “all or nothing” type goal, then it is likely you will fail. Remember that 5 minutes of something is better than nothing. Eating 1 biscuit does not mean “bugger it, I will finish the pack off.” Often getting the warm up done is enough to break the lethargy. Aim to get that done every day, then see how the rest follows.

  2. Get help- supportive spouse, work colleague, training partner. Share your goals publicly with them and then help each other (My neighbour and I are garage training every Thursday night).
  3. Be realistic. Deciding to run the London Marathon in April, with no training is silly. Aim for 3-5km runs, regularly. Training is a habit, get that right first and everything else will follow.
  4.  Starting a running programme on cold dark January evenings is hard going- I save mine until March when it is lighter and drier. Why not walk or do circuits instead?


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