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Sports Science: Servant or Master?
July 13, 2018
Sport Science: Servant or Master? Last month I attended Vern Gambetta’s GAIN conference in Houston, Texas.  A great mix of practical sessions, seminars and informal idea sharing, it is my annual chance to take time out and immerse myself in learning. I shall be sharing some of the ideas and insights learnt this year. The […]

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Welcome to the Excelsior blog. It is a mix of current research and thoughts on Athlete and Coach Development, Strength and Conditioning and personal reflections.

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James Marshall

  1. History of Educational Gymnastics in British schools

    Educational Gymnastics in Britain A popular conception of gymnastics today is of young girls in sparkly leotards with hair kept up in tightly bound buns.  This is a relatively new concept, with gymnastics originally being an all-male outdoor pursuit. Gymnastics has originated from several different sources, but all had the underlying principle of healthy movement. […]

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  2. What is physical literacy?

    What is Physical Literacy? Physical Literacy is a term gaining currency to help promote the need for children to be given the opportunities to move. Physical education has been squeezed out of the school curriculum, competitive sports have taken over and many children are disheartened and therefore disengaged. “Partly through lack of sufficient activity some children […]

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  3. Open letter to British Weight Lifting

    Open letter to the Chief Executive of British Weight Lifting Dear Mr Metcalfe, I am writing to you on behalf of my club members who have concerns and questions about what BWL is doing and what benefits they would get if they join and what the club gets from its membership. Excelsior Athletic Development Club […]

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  4. How to change habits: part 3

    “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”
    s Aristotle gets it right again. In the 2 previous blogs we have looked at the importance of lifestyle in athletes’ lives and how to use goal setting to set plans.

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  5. How to change habits: part 2

    “Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.”

    compass Alexandre Dumas.
    In part 1 I set the scene of how athletes need help in adopting behaviours that will improve their sporting performance. Today I will look at how to set goals that will get them started.

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  6. How to change habits: part 1

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    aristotleAristotle’s quote is often used,  but it is hard to follow. When working with athletes, it is often the intangibles that make the difference to the overall outcome of the training programme.

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  7. Handy videos for parents of sports children

    Trustworthy information to help parents I don’t profess to know everything, but I am lucky enough to know enough great coaches and experts that I can draw upon for advice. This means I can give the best advice to parents of our club members and individual athletes. Here are two great examples of conversations I […]

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  8. Excelsior ADC Club Update December 2017

    Merry Christmas to all our club members Thanks to all our athletes, parents, volunteers and suppliers for a great 2017. A lot has happened over the last year, and more is planned for 2018.  Here is a summary and update for January 2018. Please share with family and friends, you never know who might want […]

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  9. Best books on coaching and teaching 2017

    Reading highlights for coaches and teachers Here are my top 5 books from 2017, plus a synopsis of the other books I have read this year. It is easy to jump on the “It’s new and shiny, you must get it” bandwagon. Hopefully you will find some alternative ideas in this list. Top 5 books […]

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  10. An athlete’s guide to avoiding the flu.

    Intro   Getting ill sucks! We’ve all been there, tucked up in bed shivering and feeling sorry for ourselves. Here is my guide to avoiding the flu. Nobody enjoys being ill and it can have a terrible effect on an athlete’s fitness, training and performance. Not only does having a blocked nose reduce performance, it […]

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Jenny McGeever
James has been my strength and conditioning coach since June 2009 and during this time he has provided me with constant support and helped me develop as an athlete, from Under 17 international level to senior international. He is currently helping me with my transition from fencer to Modern Pentathlete.

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