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Why Parkour should stay out of the Olympics
December 12, 2018
Parkour as an Olympic Sport? The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has included Parkour as a new gymnastics discipline to be included in the Olympics. This is a concern for all those who enjoy the freedom of expression and creativity that is at the heart of Parkour. Young men running and jumping through the woods is […]

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Welcome to the Excelsior blog. It is a mix of current research and thoughts on Athlete and Coach Development, Strength and Conditioning and personal reflections.

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James Marshall

  1. Summer reading recommendations 2018

    Summer reading recommendations Half of the year has gone, Britain is currently enjoying (enduring?) a heatwave and my American colleagues and friends are about to have their 4th July vacation. Time to share some of the books I have read this year and that you might want to try. The full list is below which […]

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  2. LTAD: building young people

    “Life is a process, but it’s hard to get through to the kids”

    Finn Gundersen, GAIN VII.

    what is ltad?What is LTAD?” has been demoted to a project question for students, a scientific discussion, or a pdf issued by National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

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  3. Are you fit enough to play in the Champions League Final?

    Bayern vs Chelsea: Only the fittest will prevail.

    As the world’s top footballers prepare to meet in the Champions League Final this weekend, we explore what it takes to make it at the highest level.

    Advances in Sports Science have revealed the highly energetic demands within the modern game, what we as coaches then do is help you get ready to play and meet those demands.

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  4. How to Get Stronger: Learning from the Strongest.

    How Strong is Strong Enough?

    This is a current “Hot topic” in the UK and Australia. “How much strength training should I do?” is a question I am often asked, or more likely “Why should I lift weights?

    Our regular readers and athletes will know the approach we take working on all aspects of the Strength Spectrum, but in different degrees according to age, stage and sport.

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  5. Over coaching – let the kids play

    Do you let your kids play?

    Child's play cricketDo you allow them to be free spirited and learn and experiment? Do you have excessive structures and control over sport? You could be stopping your kids from developing into creative instinctive athletes.

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  6. Dumbbells or Machines? Istvan Javorek

    The benefits of dumbbell training by Istvan Javorek

    • Javorek dumbbell complexDumbbell training is generally safe.
    • Does not need a large practice area.
    • Is easy to teach (compared to barbell lifts).
    • Can be done simultaneously and very efficiently with a large number of athletes.
    • Is dynamic with a large range of motion (actually the range of motion is unlimited).
    • A large range of

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  7. LTAD- USA versus UK

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mauro deGennaro, Director of Athletics at Hoboken High School, last week. We were talking about his schedule of training for his football team this autumn, and he was saying that they were going to be training easy in the week because of the amount of contact in the game. How many games a season do they play?

    9. That’s right 9. His 14 year old Freshman play 9 football games a season, then move to another sport next term.

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  8. Speed Training: co-ordination versus strength.

    bryan habanaAdjusting the dials for your athlete

    When looking at a new athlete and their running, I try to assess whether we can improve speed through co-ordination training or strength training, or both.

    I use the analogy of having two dials with the athletes: they both are necessary, but we adjust one at a time according to the athlete’s needs.

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  9. History of Educational Gymnastics in British schools

    Educational Gymnastics in Britain A popular conception of gymnastics today is of young girls in sparkly leotards with hair kept up in tightly bound buns.  This is a relatively new concept, with gymnastics originally being an all-male outdoor pursuit. Gymnastics has originated from several different sources, but all had the underlying principle of healthy movement. […]

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Robin Williams GB Footballer Paralympian
I have been training with James for over four years now and firmly believe he has played a key role in my transformation as an athlete and therefore as a footballer. It’s fair to say I was in poor condition in various aspects when we first met, however, James’ ability to focus on the most important things and eliminate the baggage from training has enabled me to develop rapidly, having missed selection for the 2009 European Championships I am now a regular in the starting lineup.

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